Friday, July 23, 2010

DITY Moves AKA PPM (Personal Procured Move)

It's been over a week since the hubby turned in our application for HHG. (household goods) and still no word. It's been 2 weeks since we turned submitted it electronically. When I went to the DPS website, it said they had received it and was up for approval. Who knows how long that will take. I mainly went there to add a new shipment to my request. We are doing a PPM (Personally Procured Move) formerly know as a DITY move (Do it yourself) Thankfully doing the PPM paperwork wasn't nearly as tedious as the HHG move was. Very short and to the point. Once again when I hit submit it said nothing about taking the paperwork to JPPSO but when the hubby turned in the other paperwork they told him to bring our PPM paperwork as well. Hopefully that is a glitch that they will soon fix. Here is the information I got about PPM.

  • Vehicles are to be weighed Empty and Full
    • Driver, passengers and any unauthorized items are to be removed from the vehicle.
    • Gas tank is to be full when weighed empty and full
    • Must weigh at a "Certified" weigh station
  • Weight Ticket Identification
    • Imprint or official stamp with Name and Location of Weigh Station
    • Signature and title of the official certifying the weight
    • Legible imprint of weight and date
    • Name, Rank/pay grade
    • Identification of vehicle weighed
  •   45 days from start date of move you need to turn in:
    • Original Copy of DD 2278 (Application for DITY move)
    • PPM checklist / Certification of expenses worksheet
    • Rental Contract (If Applicable)
    • Original DD 1351-2 (Travel Voucher) with addresses and dates
    • Certified empty and full weigh tickets for each vehicle and each trip
    • Orders
    • Vouchers for advance operation allowance (if applicable)
NOTE: Operating expense receipts such as gas, tolls, etc are not required to be submitted with settlement. However, it is the member's responsibility to retain moving expense records for tax purposes as monies paid in addition to actual moving expenses may be subject to Federal Income Tax.
Directly from DTS website concerning PPM/DITY moves.

And of course upon arrival to new duty station turn in PPM claims to JPPSO office within 45 days

For ADDITIONAL information on PPM/Government moves please click on the following link...

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  1. You are do have to turn in your receipts for tolls, gas (only if you used a rental truck), weight fees, packing materials, etc. if you want to use them to offset the 28% tax the government charges on your PPM incentive. If you didn't have to do that, then you could put any amount down as an expense.